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Black Onyx (8mm)
-Gives strength and increases confidence
-Dispels negativity
-Stabilises and grounds
-Encourages joy and luck

Blue Tiger's Eye (10mm)
- Calms and releases stress
- It aids the quick-tempered, overanxious and phobic.

Golden Onyx (10mm)
- Grounding stone
- Brings happiness, joy and good fortune
- Helps to release past attachments to people, places and things
- Sooth anxiety, depression and boost emotional strength

Pyrite (10mm)
-For wealth and abundance
-Protective shield against negative energies while promoting optimism and a cheerful state of being
-Enables clear mental state for better decision-making

Sodalite (10mm)
-Aids in self-identity
-Useful for public speaking

14K gold-filled/gold plated/high quality plated hardware