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Yellow Aquamarine Beryl Pixiu
-Calms and soothes
-Increases clarity and sensitivity
-Great for meditation

Citrine (10mm)
-Attracts wealth properity and success
-Motivates, promotes thought process, enhances concentration
-Relieves depression and fear

Golden Rutilated Quartz (7.5mm/10mm)
- Strengthens your willpower and motivation
- Brings vitality into life
- Attracts Wealth prosperity & abundance
- Encourages forgiveness at all levels
- Soothe dark moods & brings optimism
- Promotes detachment from the past

Yellow Tiger's Eye (12mm)
- Protective stone against ill wishes
- Motivates & enhances one's willpower
- Reduces stubborness & quick-temper
- Increases one's self-appreciation & self-worth
- Alleviates depression & lifts mood

Popcorn Quartz (8mm)
-The master healer
-Amplifies properties of all other crystals
-Aligns the body

S925/high quality plated hardware