Be in Abundance - Be Wealthy, Be Loved, Be Happy


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Aquamarine (10mm)
-Calms and soothes
-Increases clarity and sensitivity
-Great for meditation

Citrine (10mm)
-Attracts wealth properity and success
-Motivates, promotes thought process, enhances concentration
-Relieves depression and fear

- Awakens the heart and unconditional love, radiates peace and connects one to universal love
- Enhances creativity, encourages humility and willingness to serve
- Dispels negativity, shields aura from unwanted energies and mental influences with a protective sheath
- Encourages free expression of feelings
- Has mood-lifting effect

Prehnite (10mm)
- Stone of unconditional love
- Brings joy to the heart & peace to the mind
- Promotes harmony with nature & elemental forces
- Aids in detaching one from the unnecessary
- Cools off excessive anger & nervous energy

S925/High quality plated hardware