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Black Tourmaline is used as the focus of this collection to safeguard all the wonderful Dads out there - the silent protectors of the family.

Black Tourmaline (12mm)
- Attracts inspiration, compassion & prosperity
- Promotes self-confidence & self-expression
- Promotes energy flow, balancing the body
- Disperse negativity & tension

Sandalwood (12mm)
- Relaxes, calms and balances your feelings
- Opens the Third Eye
- Wear as a daily lucky charm or as an amulet
- Guards against and purifies negativity, to bring positivity
- Helpful for those in the service or sales industry

Terahertz (12mm)
- One of the rarest stone in the market
- Provides you with energy when working in harsh environment
- Clears mind from worries and stress
- Assists in goal defining and increases motivation
- Strengthens mentality to overcome obstacles and improve oneself
- Strengthens and brings positivity to relationships