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Chakras with Clear Quartz

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Wearing a Chakra bracelet helps align one's Chakra to the right levels so that you feel balanced and optimistic.
Ideally worn on the left hand.

Red Agate (8mm)
- Stress relief
- Sleep and relaxation
- Prosperity and luck

Sunstone (10mm)
- Warmth, strength, and openness of the sun
- Alleviates stress

Whisky Amber (10mm)
- Fossilized tree resin filled with living energy to revitalise and gently heal
- Enhances flexibile thinking and adaptation skills
- Helps heal minor past traumas and emotional wounds
- Transforms negative energy to positive ones

Malachite (10mm)
- Transformation
- Brings balance & harmony
- Facilitates deep emotional healing
- Releases inhibition & encourages expression
- Alleviates shyness & supports friendships

Blue Lace Agate (10mm)
- Calms and soothes
- Instills peace and tranquility
- Reduces anger and encourages expression

Kyanite (10mm)
- Strengthens mind and soul
- Improves concentration
- Changes luck, converts negative energy to positive energy
- Enhances intuition, boosts thinking skills to act strategically

Amethyst (10mm)
- Reduces stress and worries
- Instill calmness and brings mind into tranquility
- Aids concentration & facilitates decision making
- Helps to overcome over-indulgence and addictions

Clear Quartz (12mm)
- The master healer
- Amplifies properties of all other crystals
- Aligns the body

18K Gold plated/high quality plated hardware