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Dark Lovers

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Black Tourmaline (12mm)
- Attracts inspiration, compassion & prosperity
- Promotes self-confidence & self-expression
- Promotes energy flow, balancing the body
- Disperse negativity & tension

Botswana Agate (12mm)
- Brings vitality & energy
- Aids in problem solving
- Helps in exploring your own creativity
- Gently releases repression & aids depression

Clear Quartz (12mm)
- The master healer
- Amplifies properties of all other crystals
- Aligns the body

Moonstone (6mm)
- Stone of inner growth and strength
- Calms and soothes
- Increases good fortune in love and business matters

Smoky Quartz (12mm)
- For grounding and balancing
- Concentrates your energy, removes distractions, increases focus level
- Removes negativity
- Amplifies power of other stones

Gold plated/High quality plated hardware/S925