Be in Abundance - Be Wealthy, Be Loved, Be Happy


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Amethyst (10mm)
- Reduces stress and worries
- Instill calmness and brings mind into tranquility
- Aids concentration & facilitates decision making
- Helps to overcome over-indulgence and addictions

Golden Onyx (10mm)
- Grounding stone
- Brings happiness, joy and good fortune
- Helps to release past attachments to people, places and things
- Sooth anxiety, depression and boost emotional strength

Star Rose Quartz (10mm)
-Encourages unconditional love
-Restores trust and harmony in all relationships
-Calms and soothes
-Aids in self-acceptance

Strawberry Quartz (10.5mm)
-Similar qualities to clear quartz
-Fills one with love and joy