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Erde v2

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An upgraded version of our popular Erde bracelet (discontinued) from our Elements Collection.
A golden bracelet for abundance and manifestation.

Blue Amber (8mm)
- Fossilized tree resin filled with living energy to revitalise, gently heal
- One of the oldest and most sought after gemstone in the world
- Has a blue fluorescent glow under intense UV light
- Helps boost self-confidence
- Enhances flexibile thinking and adaptation skills
- Helps heal minor past traumas and emotional wounds
- Transforms negative energy to positive ones

Citrine (10mm)
- Attracts wealth properity and success
- Motivates, promotes thought process, enhances concentration
- Relieves depression and fear

Golden Tiger Eye (13mm)
- Enables one to pay attention to detail
- Reminds one to be humble, and not be complacent
- Enables one to act through logical reasoning rather than through emotions
- Excellent for bringing to tests and important meetings

S925/High quality plated hardware