Be in Abundance - Be Wealthy, Be Loved, Be Happy

Green Garnet for Abundance

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Citrine (10mm)
-Attracts wealth properity and success
-Motivates, promotes thought process, enhances concentration
-Relieves depression and fear

Green Aventurine (8mm)
-Encourages abundance and material wealth
-Stone of opportunity
-The gambler's stone
-Boosts energy and optimism

Green Garnet (10mm)
- Self-empowerment and hope
- Helps in increasing feelings of gratitude, love and compassion
- Attracts wealth and prosperity by increasing confidence to make sound decisions for business to flourish
- Protection against negativity

Smoky Quartz (faceted 8mm)
- For grounding and balancing
- Concentrates your energy, removes distractions, increases focus level
- Removes negativity
- Amplifies power of other stones

24K-gold plated/high quality plated S925 hardware