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Green Garnet for Protection & Strength

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Angel Aura Quartz (8mm)
- Aura cleanser for peace and serenity
- An all-healer that can purify and align all chakras
- Transformer Crystal to transform your life into something more desirable
- Aids to see the best in others
- Helps to reduce anxiety

Green Garnet (10mm)
- Self-empowerment and hope
- Helps in increasing feelings of gratitude, love and compassion
- Attracts wealth and prosperity by increasing confidence to make sound decisions for business to flourish
- Protection against negativity

Kyanite (10mm)
- Strengthens mind and soul
- Improves concentration
- Changes luck, converts negative energy to positive energy
- Enhances intuition, boosts thinking skills to act strategically

Labradorite (8mm)
- A mystical & protective stone, a bringer of light
- Calms the mind & energizes imagination
- Strengthens faith, banishes fear & insecurities
- Synthesizes intellectual thoughts with intuitive wisdom

24K-gold plated/high quality plated S925 hardware