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Harmony Frost

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Citrine (faceted 8mm)
- Attracts wealth prodperity and success
-Motivates, promotes thought process, enhances concentration
-Relieves depression and fear

Lavender Amethyst (faceted 12mm)
- Protects against negative thoughts
- Dispels negative moods
- Calms and soothes
Rose Quartz (7mm)
- Encourages unconditional love
- Restores trust and harmony in all relationships
- Calms and soothes
- Aids in self-acceptance

White Phantom Quartz (8mm)
- To overcome stagnation, enabling transitions and growth in life
- Cleanses aura of negativity to align chakras
- Promotes positivity
- Sooths and relaxes whilst giving strength, clarity and inspiration to oneself

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