Be in Abundance - Be Wealthy, Be Loved, Be Happy


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Golden Tiger Eye (13mm)
- Enables one to pay attention to detail
- Reminds one to be humble, and not be complacent
- Enables one to act through logical reasoning rather than through emotions
- Excellent for bringing to tests and important meetings

Green Strawberry Quartz (15mm)
- A rare variety of quartz
- Calms and soothes those working in a stressful environment while providing energy to continue
- Brings the power to amplify intentions of love, gratitude, and generosity
- Represents health and harmony

Yellow Tiger's Eye (8mm/12mm)
- Protective stone against ill wishes
- Motivates & enhances one's willpower
- Reduces stubborness & quick-temper
- Increases one's self-appreciation & self-worth
- Alleviates depression & lifts mood

Gold plated S925/high quality plated hardware