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Blue Apatite (8mm)
- Increases confidence
- Purifies aura to aid in problem solving and increase optimism

Hawk's Eye (10mm)
- Enables effective communication
- Provides courage and faith to stay rooted and true to oneself during difficult times
- Soothes and calms during distressing times
- Encourages a positive and clear mind
- Protection against negativity

Pietersite (13.5mm)
- Also know as The Tempest Stone
- Aids in removing negative habits, strengthens oneself to transform and improve lifestyle
- Cleanses one's aura and protects against negative energy
- Removes aura blockages to promote flow of prosperity and abundance

Sandalwood (12mm)
- Relaxes, calms and balances your feelings
- Opens the Third Eye
- Wear as a daily lucky charm or as an amulet
- Guards against and purifies negativity, to bring positivity
- Helpful for those in the service or sales industry

Gold plated/High quality plated hardware