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Auralite 23 (12mm)
- Contains 23 different minerals including: Lepidocrosite, Malachite, Hematite, Gold, Silver, Rutile etc.
- A 1.2 billion year old crystal, it brings balance to all the chakras and aids in guiding you on the path to happiness

Black Spinel (10mm faceted)
- Offers insights into material problems
- Provides stamina to persevere through the problems
- Protective and grounding stone
- Aids in opening up chakras and facilitates movement of kundalini energy up the spine

Black Tourmaline (10/14mm)
- Attracts inspiration, compassion & prosperity
- Promotes self-confidence & self-expression
- Promotes energy flow, balancing the body
- Disperse negativity & tension

Multicolored Phantom Quartz (14mm)
- Improves luck flow
- Enables one to overcome past trauma to become a better self today and move forward
- Provides motivation to pursue dreams and skills that were neglected

Smoky Quartz (8mm faceted/nugget/abacus)
- For grounding and balancing
- Concentrates your energy, removes distractions, increases focus level
- Removes negativity
- Amplifies power of other stones

Star Garnet (10.5mm)
- Rare form of Garnet with a 4-rayed star shine due to inclusions
- Increases creativity and self-confidence
- Provides vitality
- Helps increase health luck

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