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NoirL 1

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Angel Aura Quartz (6mm)
- Aura cleanser for peace and serenity
- An all-healer that can purify and align all chakras
- Transformer Crystal to transform your life into something more desirable
- Aids to see the best in others
- Helps to reduce anxiety

Black Jade (12mm)
- Stone of protection, protects the physical body and guards against negative forces, energy and entities
- Protective workplace stone, against those greedy for power and authoritative individuals with unreasonable demands
- Inspires the elders to live actively and continue to pursue their dreams
- Represents peace through strength
- Amulet for insecurity and fear
- Excellent protection stone for travel

Black Tourmaline (8mm)
- Attracts inspiration, compassion & prosperity
- Promotes self-confidence & self-expression
- Promotes energy flow, balancing the body
- Disperse negativity & tension

Golden Onyx (10mm)
- Grounding stone
- Brings happiness, joy and good fortune
- Helps to release past attachments to people, places and things
- Sooth anxiety, depression and boost emotional strength

Hawk's Eye (15mm)
- Enables effective communication
- Provides courage and faith to stay rooted and true to oneself during difficult times
- Soothes and calms during distressing times
- Encourages a positive and clear mind
- Protection against negativity

High quality gold-plated/plated hardware