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NoirL 2

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Hawk's Eye (15mm)
- Enables effective communication
- Provides courage and faith to stay rooted and true to oneself during difficult times
- Soothes and calms during distressing times
- Encourages a positive and clear mind
- Protection against negativity

Rainbow Obsidian (14mm)
- Brings hope, light and energy to unblock minds and emotions, removes pain and stress
- Grounding stone
- Assists in alleviating depression, mood swings, despair, or paralyzing fears
- Helps to cleanse and align all Chakras, to be optimistic and engaged in the world

Seraphinite (10mm)
- Guiding one to find peace & fulfilment
- Stimulates enlightenment & self-awareness
- Cleanese & opens the heart to love
- Promotes living from the heart

Terahertz (12mm)
- One of the rarest stone in the market
- Provides you with energy when working in harsh environment
- Clears mind from worries and stress
- Assists in goal defining and increases motivation
- Strengthens mentality to overcome obstacles and improve oneself
- Strengthens and brings positivity to relationships

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